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·         Boardrooms:  Impress clients and stakeholders with our intuitive, cutting edge business applications, and turn any office space into a 21st century audio/visual business tool.

·         Restaurants/Bars:  Wattsound can take the typical noisy sports bar to a whole new level with lighting and audio zone controls or make a five star eatery even classier with custom lighting and sound solutions.  No more canned music blaring over your elegant dinner.

·         Shopping Centers: Every retail expert knows the importance of using the entire shopping environment to make the sale.  Lighting matters, music matters, video matters, and they can all be used to great effect to provide consumers with the best shopping experience possible.  Wattsound understands this connection and can turn your retail environment into a showcase in itself.  People will want to linger in your space, and the more they linger, the more they buy.

·         Conference Spaces: We’ve all been at a presentation where the technology breaks down and the embarrassed presenter spends fifteen minutes trying to make it work and get back on track.  Technology failures can sabotage the best and most prepared presenters.  We can engineer your conference space to not only dazzle attendants with your tech savvy, but make sure it works when you need it most.

·         Churches: Churches and worship spaces provide unique audio, video and lighting challenges, and not just any system will do.  Wattsound is up to those challenges and can customize your church sound system to bring the appropriate atmosphere to your worship experience.   Not only that, because churches utilize volunteer help, we can also make it so any layman can understand and use the system to maximum effect.

·         User-Friendly Controls: We know you have too much to do just running your business without having to hassle with audio, video, and lighting systems.  That’s why Wattsound will configure your system to all work from one remote device, or if you prefer, a tablet.  Just touch the screen a few times and your audio, video, and lighting systems are at your command and ready to help you do business.

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