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Some of our Many Areas of Expertise

·         Home Theater:  A personal home theater is not just for moguls anymore.  You can have your very own top quality home entertainment space, completely rigged out to your specifications.  Take movie night, Super Bowl parties, or just everyday TV watching to a whole new level.

·         Surround Sound:  Do you want to hear those horses running all around you or be transported to the rain forest, where exotic birdsongs thrill you from every direction?  True surround sound systems take you there, and we can engineer your home sound system to give you the experience of actually being in the places you see onscreen.

·         Multi-room audio: No longer do you have to carry your mp3 player from place to place in your home or try to listen in one room to a radio playing in another.  Multi-room home audio technology allows you to customize each room in your home to your specific needs, using wireless speakers and the latest smart home technology.  With just the touch of a button or the tap of a tablet screen you can control music selection and volume in every room individually, and adjust it to what you are doing in that room at that time.

·         Lighting Systems:  Nothing sets a mood in a room like lighting, and you don’t have to live in a mansion to experience its beautiful effect on your space.  Tell Wattsound what you want, and we will deliver a lighting package that strikes just the right note.  Your home should be pleasing to you in every way, and nothing does that more than casting the right light on your personal space.

·          Security:  Know you are safe at home or that your home is safe when you are away.  High level home audio and video security equipment will give you the peace of mind needed to truly enjoy your home space in comfort.  Security License: EZ11000121

·         Cabinetry and Finish Carpentry:  How many times have you been in a beautifully appointed room, only to have your eye rest on an ungainly, badly hung television on the wall?  One of the services that sets Wattsound apart is our sense of design.  We work with finish carpenters and cabinet makers to ensure that your home theater system blends seamlessly into your home design and decor.  We can make it look like your home was built around your entertainment system, or in many cases, completely hide its components inside other expertly designed pieces.  It all depends on what you want, but just know that Wattsound will not come poke holes in your walls, bolt a TV over your armoire, and leave a nest of wires behind.  We are as interested in your home design as we are in your home theater system, and we have the skills to make sure both are of the finest quality.

·         Outdoor & Pool Areas: Turn your outdoor afternoon or family barbeque into a complete entertainment experience.  Wattsound can bring your home theater to your pool deck, where you can enjoy the game, some music, or just bask in exotic lighting as you lounge in the fresh open air.

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